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Aprilia RSV Custom EPROM
Aprilia RSVR Custom EPROM
Aprilia Tuono Custom EPROM
Aprilia RSV Falco EPROM
Forza Aprilia Custom EPROMs
We create Eproms for the following bikes:
• Aprilia RSV RSVR 98-03
• Aprilia Tuono 02-05
• Aprilia Falco 98-03
Forza Aprilia Racing
Every Eprom is custom designed to suit your year / model bike and current

Forza Eprom Chips have earned a fantastic reputation from road bikes to full face

We have a fuel map & ignition tables for any machine with any modification.

All our Eproms are the result of lots of R&D work carried out on a dyno so you can
be sure you will not receive a generic Eprom Chip

Your Eprom Chip will be custom created for your bike

What you end up with is a bike that delivers fuel exactly when and where it is
Advanced ignition tables also give the bike a more aggressive feel.

Aprilia Eprom chips are far from optimised as they are designed to run in a standard
unmodified machine.
All Eproms £50 Delivered

All Eproms are shipped with full instructions & email support should
this be required.

The fitting process is very simple.